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Салоны красоты
Delicious cocktails and exquisite meat
first payment in the next month
A restaurant with Soviet cuisine, offering a homely atmosphere
first payment in the next month
City 19
Kazhymukana, 37
Tema bar Terrace
Love and Doves
Avg. check 10,000 ₸
Avg. check 10,000 ₸
Delicious Ribeye steak, salmon, and much more
Bla Bla Resto
Avg. check 15,000 ₸
Panfilova, 114
A corner of family happiness with delightful cuisine
Anderson on Auezov
Avg. check 7,000 ₸
first payment in the next month
first payment in the next month
Auezova 60
Joint visit and floating experience at the SPA salon
Relax, rejuvenate, and recharge with our rejuvenating programs
Indulge in pleasure and well-being, and savor the enjoyment
Onyx Float Spa
Bali SPA
Avg. check 30,000 ₸
Avg. check 45,000 ₸
Dostyk, 109a
first payment in the next month
Bogenbai batyr, 115
first payment in the next month
Mukanova, 241
Avg. check 25,000 ₸
first payment in the next month
Lively atmosphere, favorite songs, and pleasant company
The best sound, delicious dishes, and top-notch service
Avg. check 15,000 ₸
Avg. check 20,000 ₸
Nauryzbai batyr, 85
first payment in the next month
Shevchenko, 100
first payment in the next month


Our partners
What users say about us
Amir Zhamalov
I really enjoyed it, the procedure went so smoothly that I simply didn't expect it. The Master has a gentle and skillful touch
Nov. 5th 2022
Karina Akbarova
I had a mammoplasty at Darus Medical Center. I have a very positive impression of your service, and the installment plan was promptly arranged.
Sep. 18th 2022
Nadira Imabekova
Egor Samoilov
The atmosphere and service are pleasing, the kitchen is weak, the food is delicious, but the portions are very small. In general, nothing special.
Your service is excellent! The procedures have helped me, and I feel great. I still have some remaining sessions, and I will complete the course upon my return
Jul 12th 2022
Aug 9th 2021
  • question:
    Who is responsible for the quality of the services provided?
    The clinic partner is responsible for the quality of the services provided.
  • question:
    Is it an installment plan or a loan?
    We offer an installment plan of up to 6 months with 0% APR. If this option is inconvenient for you, we can explore other alternatives.
  • question:
    What is the maximum amount I can get on installment and for how long?
    We provide financing from 200,000 to 3,000,000 tenge for a period of up to 2 months
  • question:
    How many services can I get on installment? Only one or several?
    You can get multiple services within the approved amount.
  • question:
    Is early repayment possible?
    Yes, early repayment is free of charge. We do not charge any fees for that.
  • question:
    Do I need to have an official income/pension contributions to get approval?
    No, it is not mandatory. We have a flexible approach to your income and credit history.
  • question:
    Will I receive the money on my card?
    No, the amount is transferred to the partner clinic as payment for the selected services.
  • question:
    I don't know yet which procedures I need. Can I still submit an application?
    Yes, certainly. To do so, select a partner clinic or submit an application for any desired amount. We will approve the requested amount, and you will be able to spend it at any of our partner clinics after a consultation.
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